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Salon Hero

  • The only way to connect with your stylist online

Our Promise

-Adam Selby (Salon Hero Founder)

SalonHero Mission

Our mission is to be the platform that facilitates loyalty online so that industry professionals are deservedly rewarded for their work and users can find the best industry professionals in their area.

SalonHero in a Nutshell

SalonHero is a website that allows customers to connect with their Salon Professionals online. Theres nothing worse than leaving a beauty appointment feeling disappointed and that is what we aim to eliminate by allowing customers to leave feedback and recommend their industry professional online.

Key Features

  • - Leave feedback in a clear yet meaningful format

  • - Make your professional a Hero using the H+ button

  • - Use our search fascility to find Locations, Mobile Stylists and Industry Professional in your area

Coming Soon!

  • - Mobile App (Apple and Android)

  • - Industry Blog

  • - Higher level of Social Network integration with Facebook and Twitter

  • - Many more cool features that we are keeping under wraps




  • Find the best industry professionals in your area (Stylist, Beauty Therapist, Spa Therapists and Mobile Therapists) in your area.

  • Find the best Locations (Salons, Spas and Beauticians)

  • Leave feedback for your Industry professional to advise others and help them.

  • Enter competitions on our website to win fantastic prizes.

Industry Professionals

  • Create a profile to showcase what you offer, a gallery of pictures, and an About You section.

  • Allow customers to make you a Hero and Leave feedback.

  • Link your profile to a salon to show where you work and what your position is.

  • Add your Salon to our website.

  • Choose to advertise your self as a mobile stylist and get more work.

  • Show off your qualifications and awards.


  • Tell customers About Your Salon and why they should use you.

  • Tell your staff members to create a profile and become a Hero to add weight to your Salons Profile.

  • Advise your staff to get customers to leave feedback and make them a Hero which also shows on the Location Profile.

  • Upload Images so that customers can see your work and your salon.

  • Share contact details and Geographical location details so customers (new and old can find you)

  • Integrate with your Website Address, Facebook and Twitter pages.

  • Appear in Location based searches so that you are found by potential customers.

SalonHero /sa•lon-he•ro/
Noun: An awesome website that allows Salon owners, people that work in the industry and people who use the industry to connect online.

Hero /he•ro/
Noun: A person who works in the industry that comes recommended by their customers on SalonHero.

Herometer /he•ro•me•ter/
Noun: An instrument used to indicate, display and create Heroes.

°H /deg•rees•ach/
Noun: The level or extent of which someone is a Hero. Higher °H indicates more recommended Hero.

H+ /h•plus/
Verb: The way in which a Hero is created. To H+ your industry professional turns them into your Hero or increases their °H, H+ is usually displayed as a purple circular button.

Industry Professional /in•dus•try-pro•fes•sion•al/
Noun: A person who works in the Salon Industry. This includes owners of Salons, Spas, Beauty Parlours, Massage Parlours and Tanning Studios and any people qualified or able to give treatments associated with these industries. This includes people supply mobile treatments.

Location /lo•ca•tion/
Noun: A place that houses Industry Professionals where one can purchase hair, beauty or spa treatments.